Binance: il dirigente incarcerato in Nigeria potrebbe avere la malaria



The famiglia del dirigente di Binance, Tigran Gabaryan, incarcerato in Nigeria da oltre due mesi, ha rivelato che potrebbe avere la malaria. Il cittadino statunitense Gabaryan è stato accusato di riciclaggio di denaro ed evasione fiscale.

Binance: the executive imprisoned in Nigeria is suspected to have malaria

According to what reported, the family members of the Binance executive, Tigran Gabaryan, have revealed that there is a suspicion that he has malaria. 

The US citizen Gabaryan has been detained in prison in Nigeria for over two months, with the accusation of money laundering and tax evasion.

Apparently, however, the spokesperson for his family stated that despite the suspicion of having contracted malaria, the executive of Binance has not yet been taken to the hospital.

“Nonostante un ordine del giudice Emeka Nwite emesso giovedì 23 maggio, Tigran Gabaryan non è ancora stato trasferito in ospedale dalla prigione di Kuje. Non è ancora stato accertato ufficialmente di cosa soffra, dato che le strutture mediche a Kuje sono inadeguate. Si sospetta che abbia una grave infezione alla gola e la malaria.”

The wife of Gabaryan would have also asked for help from the US government, stating the following: 

“Tigran does not deserve such inhumane treatment. He has done nothing wrong and is suffering only because he accepted an invitation to a meeting in Abuja. This situation has gone too far. I ask everyone who can help us, including our American government, to recognize that the life of an innocent man is in danger. Please, at least let him go to the hospital so he can recover. But most importantly, let him come back home to us.”

The hearings for the charges of tax evasion and money laundering are scheduled respectively for June 14 and 20. 

Binance: Nigeria rejects the bail request of the executive and keeps him detained in prison

It was May 17, when Gambaryan saw his request for bail rejected by the court in Nigeria. 

The motivation of the tribunal for such a refusal was the risk of fuga on the part of the accused. 

Not only that, the tribunal of Nigeria would also have notified the charge of tax evasion through Gambaryan also to Binance. 

Gambaryan has been detained in Nigeria since February, when he arrived with a colleague in the country, subsequently moved to Kuje prison, where members of the terrorist group Boko Haram are also held. 

The request for release also by Richard Teng, CEO of Binance

A scendere in campo per supportare il dirigente di Binance, ci ha pensato anche il CEO di Binance, Richard Teng. 

Teng would have urged the Nigerian government to release Gambaryan, head of the Financial Crime Compliance team of the cryptocurrency exchange. Unfortunately, however, the current choices of the Nigerian government do not seem to be inclined to Teng’s requests. 

At the beginning of March 2024, the government of Nigeria had asked Binance for compensation of at least 10 billion dollars for taking advantage of “illegal transactions” to the detriment of the country. 

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