Bitget and Cobo collaborate to enhance security and efficiency in crypto



Bitget recently announced a strategic partnership with Cobo SuperLoop to offer security enhancements for investors in crypto. 

The integration, which became official today, represents a major advancement for both Bitget and Cobo SuperLoop, and will help enhance the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. See below for all the details. 

Bitget and Cobo: more security for crypto investors 

As anticipated, Bitget, the leading crypto derivatives exchange and copy trading platform, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Cobo SuperLoop, an over-the-counter settlement network of a renowned leader in institutional digital asset custody technologies. 

This integration represents a significant step forward for both organizations and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

The collaboration between Bitget and Cobo is motivated by the common mission of increasing the trust and security of crypto investors. 

Indeed, thanks to this integration, Bitget users can trade on the platform while safely storing their assets outside of exchanges, benefiting from Cobo’s advanced wallet custody technologies. 

This provides investors with unparalleled peace of mind and the highest level of security for their digital assets. In addition, a primary goal of this partnership is to optimize the use of funds. 

By leveraging Cobo SuperLoop, in fact, investors can execute cross-exchange transactions without the need to deposit funds directly into exchanges, simplifying trading and significantly reducing transaction costs on the blockchain. 

This makes cryptocurrency investment more efficient and cost-effective, allowing users to take full advantage of trading opportunities.

Bitget expands offering for institutional clients: MPC and custodial wallets from Cobo 

As mentioned earlier, Bitget recently signed a groundbreaking partnership that offers its institutional clients unprecedented protection for their funds. In fact, Bitget’s institutional clients now have the opportunity to use both Cobo’s MPC (multi-party computation) and custodial wallets to secure their assets.

This strategic move is designed to provide a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading solution that can adapt to the diverse needs of institutional investors. 

Specifically, Cobo’s MPC portfolios use state-of-the-art multi-party computing technologies and a threshold signature scheme (TSS) to ensure high-level security.

This approach also provides the ability to recover assets in the event that any part of the key is lost or compromised.

The basic principle of this scheme is the division, encryption and distribution of the private key between the client, Cobo and a disaster recovery service provider. 

This process eliminates the possibility of either party unilaterally moving client funds, and the risk of a single point of failure tied to the private key is eliminated.

This partnership represents a significant move for Bitget, which is strongly oriented toward a long-term vision. 

Bitget, not surprisingly, continues to offer a wide range of services through its deposit account, including spot trading, margin trading, forward trading, spot copy trading, forward copy trading, spot grids, and forward grids

These services are designed to adapt to the dynamic needs of cryptocurrency traders.

However, it should be noted that some services such as on-chain cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, internal transfers, and fiat currency transactions maintain specific limitations. 

Bitget remains committed to offering comprehensive and secure trading solutions for its institutional clients.

Some statements regarding the exchange’s latest collaboration

As anticipated, the collaboration between Bitget and Cobo marks an important advance for both organizations, highlighting their shared vision for the long-term future of the cryptocurrency world. 

Through turning wins into concrete successes, this partnership aims to set new benchmarks in the areas of fund security, trading efficiency and investor protection.

In this regard, Gracy Chen, managing director of Bitget, said the following: 

“Our partnership with Cobo is testament to our ongoing commitment to providing the highest level of security and efficiency to our users. By joining forces with Cobo’s SuperLoop, we provide our institutional clients with a secure and seamless trading experience.”

On the other hand, Dr. Changhao Jiang, CTO and co-founder of Cobo, enthusiastically commented: 

“Cobo is pleased to integrate Bitget into SuperLoop as one of the supported exchanges and bring our institutional-grade solutions to their platform. We believe this integration will set new benchmarks in the industry, giving investors unparalleled peace of mind when trading exchanges.”