Bitget Introduces Comprehensive Learning Series For Crypto Security Education



Bitget, top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, launched a new online educational program aimed at bolstering security knowledge among digital asset users. The comprehensive Learning Series will provide valuable educational sources and daily quizzes over six weeks, with the chance to share a $1,000 prize. Recognizing the need for ongoing security training in the fast-evolving crypto space, Bitget has developed the Learning Series to educate users on important fundamentals, such as password protection, how to recognize and combat phishing scams and fraud, the importance of cold storage, and how Bitget Protection Fund and Proof-Of-Reserves (PoR) work as essential measures to safeguard users’ assets and enhance transparency. Each week will feature a new security-focused article exploring a core topic in depth. Participants can read at their own pace and take a short accompanying quiz to test comprehension. The Learning Series is part of the Learn To Earn campaign and one user each day will be randomly selected to receive $50 for achieving a perfect quiz score. Users who complete all six articles in the security series will receive a Blockchain4Youth Certificate as proof of their accomplishment.

In addition to bolstering users’ security knowledge, Bitget is committed to ensuring the highest standards of transparency and asset protection. Bitget released its Protection Fund Valuation Report in August 2023, showing that the fund’s value has consistently exceeded US$300 million since November. In August, its worth peaked at US357 million, representing the highest level attained that month.

Launched in August 2022, Bitget’s Protection Fund stands as a pioneering testament to safeguarding users’ crypto assets, reflecting the platform’s commitment to user protection and financial security. The fund’s inception commenced with a US$200 million value and was raised to over US$300 million in November 2022, encompassing a diversified portfolio of high-liquidity cryptocurrencies, including BTC, USDT, and USDC. The Protection Fund is wholly self-funded, affording a high degree of operational flexibility and autonomy. This approach enables swift and efficient asset coverage without external red tape or policy adjustments. To further increase its stability and liquidity against external events,

Gracy Chen, Bitget’s Managing Director said,

“As adoption accelerates worldwide, it’s crucial that individuals understand how to protect themselves online and transact cryptocurrencies securely. We hope this program empowers people with the knowledge to stay one step ahead of threats and enjoy the full benefits of the crypto economy with confidence. “

“The Learning Series, Protection Fund and PoR initiatives demonstrate Bitget’s dual approach of educating users on security best practices, while also implementing rigid financial controls and verification of asset reserves. By empowering individuals and instituting robust safeguards, Bitget aims to provide the most secure and trustworthy platform for navigating the evolving cryptocurrency landscape,”

Gracy added.