Chiliz: launches the special edition for Fan Token holders of Argentina, Portugal, and Italy


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The Italian national team, in partnership with Argentina and Portugal, launches a digital collectible series through, a product based on Chiliz: holders of Fan Tokens from Argentina, Italy, and Portugal will have access to these official collections. 

Let’s see all the details below. 

Chiliz and exclusive access for Fan Token holders

As anticipated, has launched a special edition of its popular Locker Room feature, allowing fans to obtain official digital collectibles of their favorite teams by temporarily locking their Fan Tokens.

The campaign, named “The Football Fabric Collection: from the past to the future,” offers holders of Fan Tokens of Argentina, Italy, and Portugal, all participants in the tournaments, the opportunity to win exclusive collectibles inspired by the historic jerseys of these national teams.

Digital collectibles are divided into four categories, each with a different level of rarity and utility. 

First, the Classica – The present: inspired by the current uniforms of the teams for the European and American championships. There are 2,000 collectibles available per team, requiring the locking of 5 Fan Tokens.

Then, Bronze – The Future: designed with a futuristic vision of national uniforms through artificial intelligence. 1,000 of them will be issued per team, requiring the locking of 10 Fan Tokens.

Again, Argento – The past: inspired by the victorious uniforms of the latest tournaments. There are 750 collectibles available per team, requiring the lock of 15 Fan Token.

Finally, Oro – La leggenda: they represent the iconic uniforms of significant historical events. 300 collectibles will be issued per team, requiring the locking of 50 Fan Token.

Fans who collect all four categories will receive an official team jersey for which they have locked the Fan Tokens. Holders can lock their Fan Tokens until July 15, with the lock ending on August 15.

Blocking and user engagement modes 

Additionally, offers two locking modes. That is, Locked Locker: the collectibles are received immediately, but the Fan Tokens remain locked until the end of the period.

Or Locker flessibile: the collectibles are received at the end of the period, if the Fan Token have not been unlocked before. During the lock, the Fan Token are not tradable, but can be used to interact with the team and earn Reward Points.

Gilbert Camilleri, Chief Marketing Officer of Chiliz and, stated the following:

“We are excited to present the Football Fabric Collection for many reasons. It combines collectibles and uniforms, the digital world and the physical one, offering rewards that increase the enthusiasm and engagement of fans for this summer’s international tournaments.”

Finally, we remind you that, since the launch in September 2023, over 40,000 digital collectibles have been requested through the Locker Room feature of Socios.

Chiliz (CHZ): the beginning of a new era of growth?

Chiliz (CHZ) is recently attracting attention in the cryptocurrency market thanks to a combination of bull technical indicators and a recent breakout from a bear trend.

CHZ is experiencing steady growth in the medium to long term, reflecting increasing optimism among investors. 

This positive sentiment is further reinforced by the token’s approach to a critical resistance level of $0.16. Exceeding this threshold could trigger a wave of purchases, pushing CHZ to new highs.

The increasing trading volumes during price rises indicate a robust demand for CHZ. This, combined with the technical breakout, suggests that the token is ready for a significant growth.

The cryptocurrency expert Alex Clay has observed a bull flag pattern in the monthly chart of CHZ, indicating possible price targets at $0.26 and $0.4309. 

The recent breakout from the bearish channel indicates the end of the negative trend and the beginning of a new growth phase. Despite possible price fluctuations and resistances, the prospects for Chiliz remain decidedly positive. 

Therefore, with solid technical foundations and strong investor confidence, CHZ is well positioned for a potential price increase.