MicroStrategy Bitcoin Trust: Michael Saylor highlights performance



Michael Saylor, founder of MicroStrategy, pointed out the performance of assets since August 2020, which is when his Bitcoin Trust started. Compared to others, BTC was the best with a +161% return

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Trust and BTC’s +161% performance from August 2020 to the present

In a tweet, the infamous Bitcoin holder Michael Saylor showed the high performance of the queen of crypto assets compared to other assets since August 2020, which is when his MicroStrategy Bitcoin Trust started

And as they say, “the numbers speak for themselves.” Indeed, Saylor points out how his strategy started three years ago, concerning Bitcoin accumulation, has led MicroStrategy to achieve a performance of +161%, significantly higher than the other assets

In fact, considering the same period, investments in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq also remain in the green, +33% and +26% respectively. 

In contrast, other assets have failed to break even, recording precisely losses from August 2020 to the present. These are Gold (-5%), Bonds (-19%) and Silver (-21%)

Of course, Saylor chose to highlight Bitcoin’s performance for this time frame to show how his MicroStrategy Bitcoin Trust is making strong gains

MicroStrategy Bitcoin Trust: the accumulation of 152,333 BTC

Only last week, news was leaked that MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Trust has risen to 152,333 BTC, thanks to the latest purchase of as much as 12,333 BTC

To put a dollar value on this, it is worth considering that the fund’s various BTC accumulation purchases were made at different times, and thus at different BTC prices. 

According to estimates, MicroStrategy would have spent a total of about $4.52 billion on its 152,333 BTC, with an average price of $29,668 per BTC

At the time of writing, BTC is worth $30,781, although it touched $31,300 yesterday and the day before. Thus, overall, by holding above $30,000, Bitcoin generates returns for MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin Trust. 

Saylor joins the positive sentiment for BTC

For today, sentiment for BTC is definitely positive, albeit with a score of just 61

Chances are that behind this attitude there is also the long-awaited fourth halving of Bitcoin, scheduled for 2024, which has always influenced the price of the queen of cryptocurrencies. 

And indeed, according to what has been analyzed, the years following the halving, the price of BTC inflated into a speculative bubble, which burst the following year, leaving BTC to return to its pre-halving prices. 

As an example, the last halving of Bitcoin that occurred in 2020 saw BTC hit its all-time high (All-Time High or ATH) in November 2021, priced at $69,000. 

Clearly, the price history is only a datum and not a certainty of whether the price of BTC can go up. However, such data can certainly influence sentiment toward the queen of crypto assets.