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The privacy-focused Monero was launched in 2014 as an alternative to Bitcoin. He has managed to build a passionate community around the project, but since his focus is on protecting the anonymity of his users, the biggest challenges for Monero may still be ahead.

It looks like the new regulation may limit the accessibility of XMR, and since the newcomer Metacade is positioning itself at the center of GameFi, it is no surprise that many holders of the older and more established Monero are moving in droves.

Metacade is a rare opportunity

Metacade caused a stir in investment circles and in the crypto market, because the presale of the project was incredibly successful. In the first 10 weeks since the launch of the Presale, the project has raised an incredible $5 million, and this sum has now even increased to $12.3m.

Metacade is enjoying great popularity among investors, as the plans outlined in the recently published white paper are designed to provide significant added value to the three billion players around the world.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is committed to changing the face of gambling through a comprehensive ecosystem of reward mechanisms, at the heart of which is the construction of the world’s largest play-to-earn (P2E) arcade.

The White paper the presented plans were praised by the investors, especially with regard to the coherent design of the project. Since Metacade is currently well positioned to secure a large share of the gambling market, the price of the native MCADE token could increase drastically in 2023 and beyond.

How Metacade works

Metacade’s extensive reward system allows players to earn an income in various ways, but most importantly by playing games on the platform. Whether they are casual games or competitive games, the project deliberately targets a very wide user base of players, which gives it a huge addressable total market (TAM).

The MCADE token is not only used for rewards, but also offers staking options for investors. Thus, MCADE holders can benefit from a passive income stream by simply using their tokens for the benefit of the project.

One of the features that was received with enthusiasm is the Metagrants program, which allows the community to participate in the future development of the arcade. Developers propose projects that the MCADE owners then vote on. The winning projects can be financed through the Metacade cashier. This program has been praised as a master of user growth and retention, as it directly involves the community in the decision-making processes.

The Big Challenges for Monero

Monero is facing a challenging year 2023, which is reflected in all the predictions for the Monero price, as increasing regulation may mean a difficult future for the privacy-oriented actor. While Monero offers an anonymous, cash-like experience that its proponents see as crucial for the future of personal freedoms, this does not fit well with anti-fraud legislation.

Even though it is probably not possible to ban Monero completely, the token could disappear from the mainstream crypto world if the regulators punish the exchanges. This means that the price of XMR is unlikely to be able to maintain its current support.

Metacade Price Prediction

Metacade has an incredibly promising future ahead of it, and with the technical releases starting later this year, the MCADE price could easily increase by 40-50 times to about $1 in 2023, as investors expect user numbers to grow.

Beyond 2023, we should expect a MCADE price of $ 5 by 2025, provided that the project maintains its momentum, since the low circulating supply should make the market capitalization very achievable.

Monero Price Prediction

Although Monero is benefiting from the recent positive news from the crypto market that is driving the entire market, XMR holders are currently considering which Monero price forecast they would be satisfied with. Probably, they would be satisfied with this if the token can only hold its current value of about $ 170 this year.

In addition, unfortunately, the project is facing ongoing challenges, so a modest increase in the token price to perhaps $ 200 would be a great success for the project.

Investors should choose Metacade

There is no comparison between Metacade and Monero, because the newcomer offers an incredible chance of huge winnings, while Monero is fighting for survival.

The rapid presale of Metacade shows that a big wave of momentum is building up behind the platform and smart investors want to get on board the Metacade ship as soon as possible.

Here you can participate in the Metacade Presale.