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The Australian asset manager Monochrome applies to Cboe Australia for a spot Bitcoin ETF, a decision is expected by mid-year

Shaping the future of digital asset investments in Australia with the Bitcoin ETF

In a significant move that could put Australia at the forefront of digital asset investment, Monochrome Asset Management has officially submitted an application to Cboe Australia for a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF).

This question marks a crucial moment in the Australian financial landscape, as it promises investors the opportunity to directly hold bitcoin, a feature that is decidedly absent in current market offerings.

The Monochrome Bitcoin ETF is the flagship product of the company and represents a critical point in its strategic efforts. The decision to collaborate with Cboe Australia, rather than with the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) – which boasts higher trading volumes – highlights Monochrome’s calculated approach to tap into a niche, but rapidly expanding, investor base seeking direct exposure to Bitcoin.

This strategic choice highlights Monochrome’s broader ambitions. By choosing Cboe Australia, Monochrome aligns itself with a global stock exchange known for its established reputation, strategic position in Asia, and ability to provide broad access to investors. It’s not just about listing a product, but about carving out a unique space in the sphere of digital asset investments, which Monochrome intends to dominate.

Jeff Yew, CEO of Monochrome Asset Management, has expressed optimism about the approval timing of the application, predicting a decision by Cboe Australia by mid-year. This timing highlights the efficiency and forward-thinking approach of both Monochrome and Cboe Australia, laying the groundwork for a potentially historic launch of the first Australian Bitcoin ETF.

The Australian regulatory landscape

The Australian regulatory landscape for digital assets enjoys a unique position. Unlike the United States, where the regulatory path for Bitcoin ETFs has been fraught with obstacles and uncertainties, Australia requires companies to obtain approval from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) before proceeding with listing requests on the stock exchange. The fact that Monochrome has managed to overcome this regulatory requirement, obtaining ASIC approval for its Bitcoin ETF, demonstrates the company’s strong compliance framework and its commitment to providing safe and regulated investment products to the Australian market.

The importance of implementing Monochrome goes beyond regulatory compliance and strategic partnership exchanges. It represents a crucial moment in the democratization of investments in Bitcoin. 

Currently, Australian investors looking for exposure to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies must navigate a complex landscape of direct purchases and holdings, often fraught with security risks and operational complexity. The introduction of a Bitcoin ETF streamlines this process, offering a regulated, transparent, and easily accessible means to invest in Bitcoin through traditional investment channels.

Furthermore, the choice of Monochrome by Cboe Australia as the listing venue is strategic. It leverages Cboe’s presence in the global market and its established reputation as a cutting-edge stock exchange. This partnership not only increases the potential success and adoption of the Monochrome Bitcoin ETF, but also signals to the global investor community that Australia is ready to play a significant role in the digital asset space.


This development comes at a time when global interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is at an all-time high. Institutional and retail investors are increasingly looking to diversify their portfolios with digital assets. 

The Monochrome Bitcoin ETF, if approved, could serve a wide range of investors to take advantage of the potential of Bitcoin, all within a regulated and familiar investment framework.

As the mid-year deadline approaches, the Australian investor community and global observers are eagerly awaiting. The approval of Monochrome’s Bitcoin ETF by Cboe Australia could not only mark a milestone for Monochrome Asset Management, but also set a precedent for the future of digital asset investments in Australia and beyond. 

Embodies a broader shift towards the adoption of the digital economy, where traditional financial mechanisms and digital assets converge to offer new opportunities for investment and growth.

In conclusion, Monochrome Asset Management’s request for a spot Bitcoin ETF with Cboe Australia is more than just a regulatory submission. It is a bold step towards redefining investment paradigms, a bridge connecting traditional finance with the thriving world of digital assets, and a clear signal that Australia is ready to embrace the future of investments.