News from Switzerland: Taurus revolutionizes the market with tokenized securities



News: Taurus, the Swiss company supported by Deutsche Bank, has obtained regulatory approval for the distribution of tokenized securities to both retail and institutional clients. 

This authorization allows retail users to access a wider range of tokenized assets through the Taurus platform, thus expanding the scope of the offering also at an institutional level.

Let’s see below all the details. 

The latest news from the fintech company Taurus based in Switzerland

As previously announced, supported by Deutsche Bank, Swiss fintech company Taurus has obtained regulatory approval to provide tokenized securities to retail customers. 

With this approval from FINMA, the Swiss fintech company has opened its TDX trading market for tokenized assets to retail customers.

In addition to existing institutional and professional clients, now even retail users can create an account with the regulated mobile brokerage company. 

This allows them to participate in capital increases and securely and compliantly exchange digital assets and tokenized securities, according to Taurus.

The approval allows companies to access both the primary and secondary markets, serving retail and professional investors, improving the liquidity of digital securities. 

Taurus observes that companies can customize their trading segments and liquidity through methods such as auction-based or continuous trading. 

This facilitates efficient capital raising and real-time management of digital securities, according to the company’s vision.

Broadcasters on TDX and digitalization of private markets

The news doesn’t end here, as Taurus has recently announced a new list of issuers that have chosen TDX as their preferred platform for trading their digital securities. 

Among these are well-known names such as Investis Group, la Mobilière, Qoqa, SCCF, Swissroc, and Teylor.

Yann Isola, Head of Product at TDX, emphasized Taurus’ vision regarding private markets 2.0, stating that digitalization is crucial. He declared the following:

“Our fundamental belief at Taurus is that private markets 2.0 should be digitized, so that buying a private security becomes as easy as buying a book on Amazon.”

Isola has also highlighted the growing demand for tokenization of real-world assets (RWA), the fastest-growing market segment in the digital asset space.

We remind you that Taurus offers a complete infrastructure for issuing, custodizing, and exchanging digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokenized securities, NFTs, and digital currencies. 

In addition, Deutsche Bank entered into a partnership with Taurus in September to provide custody and tokenization services for digital assets to its clients, also participating in Taurus’ Series B funding round of $65 million in February 2023.

Partnership between Teylor and Taurus for SME financing

Recently, Teylor, a German fintech company specializing in digitizing loans for small businesses, has partnered with Taurus to transform loans for SMEs into tokenized assets. 

Through this initiative, token holders can enjoy monthly cash flows.

In the context of this partnership, Teylor originates and manages loans to SMEs through its credit platform. 

Part of this credit portfolio is tokenized using Taurus infrastructure and made available on the regulated TDX market. 

Furthermore, professional investors in private debt can participate in returns through a secure secondary market based on blockchain.

Tokenization through blockchain offers SMEs an alternative to raise capital and generate liquidity, while providing investors with diversified investment opportunities. 

Taurus has revealed that the security based on Teylor Ledger for SME loans will start with Ethereum and will later expand to other blockchains such as Polygon and Tezos. 

Lamine Brahimi, managing partner and co-founder of Taurus, emphasizes that Teylor’s registry-based security opens up new investment opportunities, marking the first tokenization of a private debt portfolio based in Luxembourg on the regulated TDX market.

In November, Banco Santander chose Taurus for the custody of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether for its Swiss clients, highlighting the growing trust in digital wealth management solutions.