OneCoin fraud: presentation of new book canceled over death threats


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Jennifer McAdam, the author of the new book “Devil’s Coin” exposing massive OneCoin fraud, had to cancel her presentation after receiving death threats. 

OneCoin fraud: Jennifer McAdam cancels book presentation out of fear

Continues the saga surrounding OneCoin, one of the biggest Ponzi schemes put into practice by the nicknamed ‘Crypto Queen,’ Ruja Ignatova, who is still wanted by Europol and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

However, this time it’s not about the fraud, but about death threats. In fact, Jennifer McAdam, Scottish author of the new book “Devil’s Coin” exposing OneCoin and its mastermind Ignatova, has had to cancel a tour for the presentation of her literary work

From what emerged, it was the FBI and Police Scotland that advised McAdam to do so and thus cancel the book presentation stops in Irvine, Ayr and Glasgow. 

In this regard, McAdam said:

“I am upset that my events have had to be cancelled but I did not want to go ahead in the light of the potential dangers highlighted to me.”

At the same time, MCAdam thanked the publishers of her book around the world who would turn out to be “brave,” as they would not be intimidated by the content. 

OneCoin fraud: online abuse and death threats for author of new book

McAdam apparently has not had it very easy, suffering online abuse for all her efforts in exposing the OneCoin fraud. 

Indeed, it appears that since she began dealing with the fugitive Crypto Queen, Ignatova, the author of the new book has also begun to suffer a barrage of intimidation

Specifically, McAdam allegedly suffered legal challenges, death threats, and vile online abuse.

Even the book’s publisher, Ad Lib, reportedly confirmed that the reason for the cancellation of the book’s presentation was due to “serious security issues.” 

Yet the book exists and has been published. McAdam has thus recounted everything she could about the pyramid scheme behind the OneCoin crypto that defrauded millions of investors worldwide

The Crypto Queen among the FBI’s 10 most wanted fugitives

Confirming the seriousness of the situation is primarily the status of Ruja Ignatova, the ‘Crypto Queen’ mastermind of the OneCoin fraud, who turns out to have been listed among the FBI’s 10 most wanted fugitives since early 2023. 

She is the only woman on the list, along with accused gang leaders and murderers. In fact, Ignatova has been on the run for five years, exactly since she allegedly took a plane in Sofia, Bulgaria, bound for Athens in 2017 and then disappeared into thin air. 

Local Greek police reportedly searched the country for her without success, while in February this year, a Bulgarian media report suggested that the ‘Crypto Queen’ may have been killed in Greece a year after her disappearance.

In any case, in 2019, Ruja Ignatova’s brother and co-founder of Onecoin, Konstantin Ignatov, was arrested in the United States where he pleaded guilty to charges related to Onecoin and sought witness protection. 

Another co-founder, Karl Sebastian Greenwood, a Swedish-British citizen, pleaded guilty in December 2022.