Tron’s Justin Sun talks about the crypto hack at Huobi, which loses 5,000 ETH


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Justin Sun, founder of Tron, spoke on X about the latest crypto hack suffered by Huobi, which lost 5,000 ETH, the equivalent of $8 million. 

Tron’s Justin Sun and the 5,000 ETH crypto hack suffered by Huobi

Justin Sun spoke on X (formerly Twitter) about the latest crypto hack suffered by Huobi’s crypto-exchange, also called HTX. The breach brought a loss of as much as 5,000 ETH, the equivalent of $8 million. 

Tron (TRX) founder Sun is also a consultant to Huobi. And indeed, in his roundup of tweets, Sun also wanted to reassure crypto-exchange users, assuring them that they were able to cover their losses and get the platform back up and running. 

Not only that, Sun reassures that $8 million stolen represents a small amount compared to the $3 billion in assets held by Huobi users. 

Specifically, Sun wanted to share the ethereum addresses associated with the hacker, including “0xdb1” and “0x799.” About $6.3 million can be found in the “0xdb1” wallet.

Anyway, the crypto hack at Huobi occurred on the day of September 24, and within a short time, the platform managed to secure all funds while continuing to offer its users normal trading operations. 

Justin Sun of Tron and the white hat reward to the culprit of the crypto hack at Huobi

Another thing Sun was keen to point out in his speech regarding the crypto hack suffered by Huobi is that there is a white hat reward involved.

“We are willing to offer 5% of the stolen amount (400,000 USD) as a white hat reward to encourage the hacker to return the stolen funds. If the hacker returns the funds, we will also hire them as a security white hat advisor for HTX. If the funds are not returned within 7 days, we will transfer the information to law enforcement authorities for further action and to prosecute the hacker.”

Hence, Sun promises $400,000 as a reward to the hacker if the hacker decides to return the stolen money. Not only that, Sun also promises the hacker a job, namely employment by Huobi as a security consultant. 

Should the hacker not be interested in such an offer, then the Tron founder will transfer the case to law enforcement authorities who will prosecute the hacker.  

The $870,000 hacker attack on Mark Cuban

Recently, billionaire investor Mark Cuban‘s MetaMask crypto-wallet was also hacked, resulting in a loss of $870,000 in crypto.

Fortunately, Dallas Mavericks NBA team owner Cuban was able to transfer the remaining funds from MetaMask to another crypto-wallet of his on Coinbase

In fact, Cuban’s rescue transaction was a whopping $2.5 million in USDC on Polygon, nearly triple the amount actually robbed.