X by Elon Musk: “the app for everything” introduces peer-to-peer payments in 2024



The X platform by Elon Musk, previously known as Twitter, has announced that it will launch peer-to-peer payments among other things in 2024. 

At the moment, no details have been revealed about it, except that the decision is part of the company’s mission to become “an app for everything”.

Elon Musk’s X and the announcement of peer-to-peer payments launch in 2024

In a blog post, Elon Musk’s X platform, previously known as Twitter, has revealed its goals for 2024.

Among the many points, it has been revealed that there will also be, by the end of this year, the launch of peer-to-peer payments. 

Specifically, the text states the following:

“We will launch peer-to-peer payments, unlocking more utility for users and new opportunities for commerce, and showcasing the power of living more life in one place.”

At the moment, no details have been revealed regarding what the chosen type will be, but in any case, this does not exclude the integration of crypto payments in X. 

Along with peer-to-peer payments, X seems to also intend to make more use of the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the user experience, as well as advertisements, thanks to a new level of customer understanding. 

In general, the 2024 goals of X will serve to turn the platform into an “app for everything”, as already introduced by Elon Musk himself at the end of November 2022.

X by Elon Musk and the official promise of introducing peer-to-peer payments within this year

This is not the first time the platform talks about peer-to-peer payments and, even though they were not mentioned in this case, cryptocurrencies. 

And indeed, already at the beginning of last year there was talk of a possible integration of digital payments on the former Twitter, although over time they have proven to be just rumors

For example, as early as January 2023, news had leaked that Twitter would launch a new feature called Coins, in collaboration with Stripe.

Subsequently, rumors would have spoken of Twitter as PayPal, not only because Musk is the co-founder of the digital payments giant, but also because after the acquisition of Twitter, the social network’s financial situation was disastrous.

Finally, the peer-to-peer payment on Twitter may also have something to do with Dogecoin, the ultimate meme cryptocurrency, is another doubt that the crypto community had throughout last year. 

Especially when, in April 2023, Musk temporarily changed the classic blue bird logo of Twitter with the DOGE crypto dog.

“X will never launch its own crypto”

While among the goals for 2024, there is also the launch on X of a peer-to-peer payment, this would exclude the launch of a crypto by the platform. 

In practice, if X were to decide to opt for cryptocurrencies, it would integrate peer-to-peer payments of an already existing cryptocurrency. 

This is because, last August 2023, Musk himself stepped in to put an end to the speculations that had arisen at that time, clearly stating that “X will never launch its own crypto.”