Arkham Intelligence Claims to Uncover Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Wallet Addresses


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The world of cryptocurrency is never short on intrigue and mystery, and the latest revelation by blockchain analytics platform Arkham Intelligence has certainly added to the suspense. Arkham claims to have identified the wallet addresses of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, unveiling a secret that the crypto community has long been speculating about. Grayscale is one of the largest digital asset managers, with over $20 billion under management.

The Enigmatic Grayscale Bitcoin Trust

Grayscale is a major player in the cryptocurrency space and has long been the subject of curiosity and controversy. Grayscale is currently engaged in a battle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to transform the trust into an exchange-traded fund (ETF), and the crypto community is watching every move.

Members of the Bitcoin community have often wondered where Grayscale stores its massive stack of BTC. The trust, however, has been tight-lipped, citing “security concerns as the reason for not disclosing its wallet addresses. This secrecy has fueled suspicion among some X users who question whether Grayscale truly possesses as much Bitcoin as it claims.

Arkham’s Revelation

Through its blockchain analytics tools, Arkham Intelligence claims to have uncovered over 1,750 addresses allegedly belonging to Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. The firm says these addresses, when combined, contain approximately 627,779 BTC valued at more than $16 billion.

According to Arkham’s data, each individual address holds less than 1,000 BTC (around $25.7 million). However, cumulatively they comprise holdings that make Grayscale one of the largest bitcoin holders globally.

Arkham also asserts the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust controls an additional 3.03 million Ether tokens worth approximately $4.9 billion. These amounts are consistent with what Grayscale self-reports on its own website, suggesting it has amassed reserves sufficient to satisfy potential redemption needs.

While Grayscale maintains wallet privacy for security, Arkham’s claims, if validated, could provide new transparency regarding one of the sector’s most significant institutional players. The implications of accurately mapping Grayscale’s purported bitcoin and ethereum reserves remain to be seen.

Arkham’s Controversial Reputation

Arkham Intelligence has not been without its fair share of controversy. Some X users have criticized the platform for revealing private information about blockchain users, dubbing it a “snitch-to-earn” platform. However, the platform’s CEO defends their actions, arguing that they aim to level the playing field between large institutions and smaller players who would otherwise be left in the dark.


The revelation of over 1,750 wallet addresses linked to the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is a significant development in the world of cryptocurrency. It not only answers a long-standing question but also sheds light on the trust’s substantial holdings.

As Grayscale continues its battle with the SEC, the crypto community will undoubtedly keep a close eye on these developments.