Bitcoin hidden in old wallets worth $24.88 million


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According to recorded data, a group of five transactions from “dormant Bitcoin” wallets dating back more than 11 years to 2012 recently moved 909.89 BTC, the current value of which is $24.88 million

Initially, the value of Bitcoin stored in the wallet in this “cache” was less than $10,000, that is, when they were acquired. Let’s see all the details below. 

Bitcoin’s awakening from dormant addresses: the surprising increase in value and the role of wallets

As anticipated, a new series of Bitcoin transactions dating back to 2012 has recently taken place, marking the ninth occasion in which the so-called “dormant Bitcoin” of 2012 have awakened during 2023. 

Although the identity of the owner cannot be confirmed with certainty, analysis of the transactions and acquisition dates suggests that it could be a single entity. 

Specifically, the first transaction moved 199.99 BTC from the address “1NmFy” and confirmed the 808.207 block, using minimal privacy measures. The 199.99 BTC initially was acquired on 14 February 2012. 

The second transaction, on the other hand, involved 185.12 BTC, also acquired on 14 February 2012, from the address “1DV45” and confirmed to block 808,210, also using minimum privacy measures according to Blockchair‘s analysis. 

The third group of transferred Bitcoin dates back to 12 July 2012, when BTC had a value of $7.15 per coin. 

These Bitcoin, originating from the address “1BXuj,” moved 97.41 BTC and confirmed block 808,212. 

Finally, the fourth group of BTC, created from address “19UrN” 6 March 2012, moved 276.22 BTC and confirmed to block 808,213. The last transaction from the 2012 wallet, “1BBvb,” moved 151.15 BTC and was created on 20 July 2012. 

All five transactions were identified through the use of the blockchain analysis tool known as “btcparser1” from This tool was specifically developed to monitor activity related to dormant Bitcoin addresses. 

Not surprisingly, it constantly examines the blockchain to identify movements in 64,529 such Bitcoin addresses. 

During 2023, with nine transactions dating back to 2012, vintage Bitcoin holders who have been moving funds since that year have made combined transfers totaling 4,610.86 BTC, whose current value is $126.12 million. 

More news for Bitcoin: Nomura Group launches fund for institutional investors

Nomura Digital Assets, a division of the well-known Japanese investment bank, Nomura Group, recently launched a fund dedicated to Bitcoin

Specifically, this fund aims to simplify access to digital assets for large investors, responding to growing demand, and is Nomura’s first digital investment initiative.

In a press release dated 19 September, Laser Digital Asset Management, Nomura’s digital asset management division, announced the Bitcoin Adoption Fund, designed for institutional investors. 

This fund highlights the broad spectrum of cryptocurrency use in Japan. Institutional investors can enjoy the benefits of the Laser Digital Bitcoin Adoption Fund, including reduced costs and a high level of security

The fund maintains security of holdings using Komainu, a regulated custody solution developed in 2018 by Nomura, Ledger and Coinshares. 

Fiona King, head of Laser Digital Asset Management, confirmed that the Bitcoin fund is well managed and compliant with regulations. This fund constitutes a separate portfolio within Laser Digital Funds SPC, a mutual fund company.

Nomura Holdings predicted that its cryptographic division, Laser Digital, would start generating profits within two years. 

However, due to challenges related to the bear market and the recent decline in the value of cryptocurrencies, the company said Laser Digital may take longer than expected to turn a profit, putting Nomura up against other large financial institutions such as JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs.