X needs a security overhaul or risk becoming irrelevant


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Social media platforms face ongoing challenges in balancing open expression with responsible security measures. As more and more malicious actors seek to exploit vulnerabilities and undermine trust, proper security practices become critical to maintaining the well-being of users and the integrity of the community. 

Platform Security Issues Put X at Risk

The rise of malicious attackers exploiting vulnerabilities on X has compromised user trust and experience. If the most serious problems are not addressed, the future of the platform is at risk. There are currently several fundamental security gaps that need to be addressed to protect users and regain their trust. Reports of compromised accounts, unchecked malicious content, and a perceived lack of enforcement of content policies have raised serious concerns about X’s commitment and ability to foster a safe environment.

Bots Spreading Phishing Scams

Anonymous bot accounts have infiltrated X by copying posts and replacing links with phishing scams. X’s algorithms are unable to detect this subtle manipulation, exposing users. With no deterrent, the bots go on a rampage spreading malware and stealing personal information.

Premium Accounts Easy Prey for Hackers

By automatically enabling phone-based two-factor authentication for premium account holders once they upgrade, X has made a vast number of high-value targets easily vulnerable to SIM swapping attacks. These accounts promoted with affiliate badges or purchased upgrades receive little routine security screening despite now being coveted prizes for hackers. Compromised premium profiles are then used to amplify scams through promoted and sponsored posts, undermining trust in X’s endorsement and monetization programs.

Lax Screening of Promoted Content and Websites

Basic screening of promoted links and websites is lacking. Users have encountered concerning or deceptive pages through ads. Stronger filters and third-party validation of promoted domains and page content are sorely needed to block scams and protect users from harmful or exploitative sponsored messages.

Inaction on Large Compromised Accounts

Popular accounts linked to scams do not suffer consequences, undermining trust. However, small authentic accounts see reduced reach and engagement due to unclear misdeeds. A double standard threatens the integrity of the platform. This inequitable and inconsistent handling of misconduct threatens the perception of X as a fair and impartial platform.

Two-Factor Authentication Required for All

Stronger identity verification, such as two-factor authentication apps and security keys, should be mandatory for higher-risk profiles to limit account takeover. For complete protection, all users may need updated authentication.


If X fails to prioritize resolving security vulnerabilities, its reputation and user base will suffer. Competitors addressing these issues proactively could gain ground. By overhauling account security with rigorous user verification and content screening, X can restore confidence. Its future relies on safeguarding real human connections over opportunistic hacking and fraud. Now is the time for decisive action to avoid becoming irrelevant.