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Very positive news for Bitcoin. Apparently, according to Tradingbrowser’s study, the crypto has emerged as one of the most searched terms in the United States, beating out almost all popular searches such as daily expenses, interest and commodities. Below are the details.

Tradingbrowser news: Bitcoin outperforms everyone

As anticipated, according to Tradingbrowser’s study, Bitcoin has become one of the most searched terms in the United States, surpassing even daily necessities and expenses such as hamburgers, religion, and child support, according to the Bitcoin Popularity Index based on Ahrefs’ search volume.

Nevada is currently the state most “crazy” about Bitcoin in the United States with a search score of 100 according to Google Trends. Elvis Presley comes in fourth place with 1.3 million searches, while Disney World is fifth and Spiderman is sixth.

Donald Trump is the second most popular search, and Breaking News comes in third. Student loans and car insurance are also among the most searched terms. In this regard, Daniel Larsson, senior editor of, said the following:

“Bitcoin has surpassed the most sought-after items like religion, child support, health care, and politics, which is a clear sign of widespread interest among Americans, especially in Nevada.”

The interest in Bitcoin in Nevada could be attributed to the state’s gambling reputation, low tax burden and innovative spirit, as Nevada is currently home to many high-tech companies including Tesla’s Gigafactory.

In addition, the data also reveal that Bitcoin is more popular than highly sought-after items such as guns, exercise, donuts, coke, student loans and auto insurance, which is very interesting.

Indeed, all of this clearly suggests that Bitcoin is no longer a niche investment option and has gained mainstream appeal. It is also interesting to note that Donald Trump, the former president of the United States, is the second most popular search term, while Breaking News is in third place.

This indicates that public figures and current events still exert a significant influence on search behavior in the United States. However, even these highly searched terms lag behind Bitcoin’s popularity, suggesting that the digital asset has become an important player in the public consciousness.

More positive news: PostFinance wants to offer Bitcoin trading.

PostFinance, a retail bank wholly owned by the Swiss government, is preparing to offer cryptocurrency trading and storage services to its customers. Specifically, on 5 April, PostFinance partnered with Sygnum, a local cryptocurrency bank, to offer its customers a range of regulated banking services for digital assets.

The partnership will allow PostFinance customers to buy, store and sell major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). Crypto services are enabled through Sygnum’s institutional business-to-business offering, which provides banks with market access to regulated and compliant digital products.

The B2B network includes more than fifteen partner banks and supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, with revenue-generating services such as staking. PostFinance’s entry into the cryptocurrency sector is in response to growing demand from its customers, said Philipp Merkt, the bank’s chief investment officer:

“Digital assets have become an integral part of the financial world and our customers want to access this market through PostFinance, their main bank of choice.”

Not surprisingly, the public company is known for its pro-crypto stance, creating its own custody platform and issuing digital collectible stamps linked to physical stamps in 2021.

The announcement of crypto trading services by PostFinance comes just after the launch of Crypto Stamp 3.0, a new edition of the crypto stamp with physical, non-fungible versions of the token integrated with artificial intelligence technology.

Bitcoin hits new monthly lows following CZ arrest rumors

Overnight on 4 April, Bitcoin touched new monthly lows as rumors about the largest exchange, Binance, spooked fragile markets. The performance, at the lowest since 28 March, followed a wave of speculation that Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, already under investigation by US regulators, is wanted by Interpol.

The rumors stemmed from a tweet from the Cobie Twitter account, which appeared to lack evidence, causing a backlash in the market. At the moment, Bitcoin is well above $28,000 showing a “classic” trend.

Moreover, a later tweet reports that local lows have been “swept” by BTC/USD, with $30,000 as the next target. Thus, despite uncertainties, expert investors expect $30,000 to be reached after a “short correction.” Optimism remains high regarding Bitcoin.