Crypto guys are dying: cases of deaths in the industry


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Bob Lee, creator of CashApp, is the latest case of crypto guys who are dying, ranging from CEOs of industry companies to cryptocurrency billionaires. Here’s the latest news.

Crypto guys are dying: the murder of Bob Lee

The hunt is still on for the killer of Bob Lee, the creator of CashApp, first CTO of former Square, now Block Inc, and Chief Product Officer of MobileCoin.

Lee’s death, which took place and was announced yesterday, adds to a list of crypto guys who are dying.

Brooke Jenkins, San Francisco District Attorney, wrote on the social network of crypto-lovers as follows:

The 43-year-old died a few hours after being found by police with knife wounds on his body. The cause of death is stabbing, as of yet by an unknown person, in the city of San Francisco.

Crypto guys are dying: amid murders and mysterious incidents

Just as the crypto-exchange FTX of Sam-Banked Fried (SBF) was confirming its collapse, more crypto guys died.

In fact, in late December 2022, news broke of the death of 53-year-old Russian crypto billionaire Vyacheslav Taran, though the circumstances are mysterious. Taran died after his helicopter crashed near Monaco.

It was an accident that had aroused suspicions, to the point that the prosecutor in Nice stated that the fault of a third party could not be ruled out. Taran was the co-founder of the trading and investment platform Libertex and the Forex Club.

In the same week, news broke of the deaths of two other crypto guys: Tiantian Kullander, who died in his sleep, and Nikolai Mushegian, who drowned on a beach in Puerto Rico.

Kullander was the co-founder of Amber Group, a cryptocurrency trading platform that was valued at $3 billion at the time. Mushegian, only 29 years old, died in late October after tweeting that he feared the CIA and Mossad would kill him.

Cases of alleged suicides among cryptocurrency industry figures

Among the names of crypto guys who are dying, there are also cases declared as suicides.

Javier Biosca, a 53-year-old suicide, jumped from the fifth floor of his hotel in Estepona, Spain in late November 2022. His story had to do with a massive crypto-based Ponzi Scheme founded by his London-based company Algorithms Group.

On charges of fraud, money laundering, falsifying documents and running a criminal organization, Biosca had spent eight months in jail in Spain.

His release from prison came about thanks to a bail paid by another person who was apparently waiting to receive the money loaned back. This was probably the reason that would have prompted Biosca to commit suicide.

This story of Biosca, is somewhat reminiscent of that of the famous cryptocurrency influencer John McAfee, who was found dead in Barcelona prison at the age of 75.

It was 23 June 2021 when McAfee was pronounced dead, exactly 8 months after his arrest for alleged tax evasion. Here again, investigations to discover the cause of death were attributed to suicide.

Later on, John’s wife, Janine McAfee, reportedly stated from the outset that she did not believe the rumors that her husband was still alive and had faked his death.