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Cash App creator Bob Lee dies after being stabbed and killed by a stranger in San Francisco.

Cash App: creator Bob Lee was stabbed and killed in San Francisco

The crypto world mourns the passing of Bob Lee, the creator of Cash App and former chief technology officer of Square, who died after he was stabbed by a stranger in San Francisco.

Commenting mournfully on the news on Twitter are several industry figures. Among the many, here is what Bill Barhydt, CEO of crypto-wallet Abra, had to say:

The local newspaper covering the news reported that 43-year-old Lee was killed after a stabbing in San Francisco. Police were unable to make arrests or release information about possible suspects.

In essence, the San Francisco Police Department said the report of the stabbing came at 2:35 AM near a high-rise condominium building in the 400 block of Main Street at Harrison in SoMa.

Lee was found at the scene with stab wounds, but a call for help and medical assistance failed to save him. Lee reportedly died after noon.

Cash App: Bob Lee’s death and messages from the crypto community

Jack Dorsey also confirmed Lee’s death on the decentralized social media platform Nostr, writing as follows:

“It’s real. Getting calls. Heartbreaking. Bob was instrumental to Square and Cash App. STL guy.”

Jack Shield, the former UFC fighter, also tweeted about the Bob Lee’s death as follows:

Lee was also the chief product officer of MobileCoin, the creator of the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency of the same name. A big supporter of the crypto industry, Lee had made headlines after serving as the first CTO of Jack Dorsey’s formerly Square, currently Block.

Not only that, Lee also created the industry’s most popular mobile payment service Cash App. 

Ark Invest’s investment

Last year at this time, news leaked out that the founder of crypto investment firm Ark Invest, the famous Cathie Wood, had decided to sell her shares in PayPal to invest in Cash App.

The news had been announced during the Miami Bitcoin 22 conference and had caused an uproar in the crypto industry, since Cash App uses Bitcoin Lightning Network.

A kind of siding by Wood in favor of the Bitcoin layer 2 over PayPal.

Cash App is a mobile payment service that allows people to transfer money to each other using a cell phone app. It was developed by Lee and Block Inc.