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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets, 2024 marked a crucial year for investment products in crypto, with record inflows that demonstrate a strong and growing interest in cryptocurrencies as a mainstream financial asset.

Cryptocurrency global funds have recorded unprecedented annual inflows, amounting to $13.8 billion, with a significant addition of $646 million just last week. This remarkable surge in capital inflow surpasses the previous annual record of $10.6 billion set in 2021, illustrating a significant jump in investor confidence and market maturity.

CoinShares Report: record investments in the crypto sector

The latest data from CoinShares, a leading company in digital asset investments, highlight this momentum, showing consecutive weeks of substantial inflows into cryptocurrency funds managed by prestigious asset managers such as BlackRock, Bitwise, Fidelity, Grayscale, ProShares, and 21Shares. The continuation of this trend, with net inflows reaching $862 million in the week prior to the last one, underscores the resilience of the sector and the sustained attractiveness of digital assets among investors.

Despite this influx, CoinShares research director James Butterfill has noted a decrease in enthusiasm for exchange-traded funds (ETFs), suggesting a moderation in the previously frenetic pace of ETF investments. The frenzy of early March, which saw weekly flows peak at a whopping $43 billion, has given way to a more measured commitment, with volumes dropping to $17.4 billion in the last recorded week. This change could indicate a stabilization of the market or a reassessment of the role of ETFs in cryptocurrency investment strategies.

Focusing on the breakdown of assets, Bitcoin remains the cornerstone of cryptocurrency investment products globally, with a significant inflow of $663 million just last week. It is interesting to note that, while funds focused on Bitcoin thrive, short-Bitcoin funds have recorded the third consecutive week of outflows, indicating a decrease in bearish investor sentiment. US Bitcoin spot ETFs, in particular, stood out for capturing $484.5 million in net inflows in the last week, demonstrating the relentless appeal of Bitcoin.

Optimism in the sector

The broader cryptocurrency market reflects this optimism, with the GMCI 30 index – which measures the top 30 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization – registering an 8% gain. This bullish trend is not limited to Bitcoin; investment products in Litecoin, Solana, and Filecoin have also seen a good inflow, while Ether-based funds have experienced the opposite trend, marking the fourth consecutive week of outflows.

Investor sentiment seems to be polarized at a regional level, with US-based funds leading the inflows, followed by Brazil, Hong Kong, and Germany. On the contrary, Switzerland and Canada have experienced outflows, highlighting different regional attitudes towards cryptocurrency investments.

The record inflows into cryptocurrency funds this year indicate a market that is maturing and becoming increasingly integrated into the broader financial ecosystem. Despite some moderation in ETF investments, the overall trend indicates a greater acceptance and understanding of digital assets by both retail and institutional investors. The resilience of Bitcoin, combined with diversification into other cryptocurrencies, suggests a solid and dynamic future for cryptocurrency investments.

The ability of the cryptocurrency market to recover from the nearly $1 billion outflows at the end of March and establish new records highlights its volatility but also its potential for rapid recovery and growth. With the ongoing evolution and recognition of digital assets, the landscape of cryptocurrency investment products is likely to expand, offering more sophisticated and diverse investment opportunities.


In summary, 2024 was a historic year for cryptocurrency investment products, characterized by record inflows and a clear indication of sector growth and investor interest. Although enthusiasm for ETFs is waning, the overall momentum of the crypto market remains strong, with Bitcoin leading the way in the success of investment products. As the market matures, it will be fascinating to observe how investment strategies evolve and how the cryptocurrency ecosystem adapts to meet the changing needs and expectations of investors worldwide.