Revolut suspends the purchase of crypto in the UK



In the ever-evolving world of crypto, there is never a shortage of news. One of the latest developments is Revolut’s decision to temporarily suspend crypto purchases for business customers in the UK.

Let’s discover the reasons behind this move and what it means for the crypto market.

Temporary suspension from Revolut: what’s behind it

Revolut, one of the most innovative digital banks, has announced a temporary suspension of cryptocurrency purchases for business customers in the United Kingdom.

This decision has been made in response to the new rules of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom, which will be effective from January 8, 2024. The suspension starts from January 3, allowing Revolut to adjust its policies and features to the new regulations.

The impacts on Revolut UK’s crypto customers

This pause will not affect the ability to hold or sell cryptocurrencies for Revolut Business customers. It is an important change that reflects the growing need for regulation in the cryptocurrency sector, a sector known for its volatility and risks.

New FCA rules: an overview

FCA is introducing strict requirements for investments in cryptocurrencies. These requirements, described as “severe” by the regulator, include warnings about the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies and a ban on referral bonuses for new clients.

In addition, a “reflection period” has been introduced for first-time investors, delaying the execution of orders. These measures have been adopted to improve transparency and security in the cryptocurrency market.

The Impact on other crypto companies

Not only Revolut, but also other companies in the crypto sector have been affected by these new rules. Companies like Bybit and Binance have had to make significant changes to their operations in the United Kingdom, reflecting the tight regulation that is characterizing the industry.

The Importance of Regulation in the Crypto Market in the UK

The decision of Revolut reflects a broader trend of increasing regulation in the cryptocurrency market. 

These measures are seen as essential to ensure investor protection and maintain market stability. With the FCA stepping up its efforts, it is clear that transparency and compliance have become priorities for all companies operating with cryptocurrencies.

Future prospects for Revolut and the crypto market in the UK

While Revolut and other companies adapt to these new rules, a new chapter opens for the cryptocurrency market in the United Kingdom. 

This evolution could lead to a safer and regulated environment, attractive to investors seeking greater security in their crypto investments.

Conclusion on Revolut’s suspension of crypto activities in the UK

The suspension of cryptocurrency purchases by Revolut is an important signal of the change in the cryptocurrency landscape. With the new FCA rules and increased regulation, the market is entering a new era of transparency and security. 

For Revolut customers in the United Kingdom and for the crypto industry in general, these are news that mark a step forward towards a safer and regulated future.