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The ongoing legal saga for the XRP crypto between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has taken another dramatic turn: the SEC has requested a $1.95 billion fine against Ripple Labs.

The fine proposed by the SEC for the crypto company Ripple (XRP)

This latest development is part of the SEC’s request for judgment and remedies filed with a New York court. 

The proposed fine aims to address alleged violations of federal securities laws by Ripple Labs and its executives, particularly regarding the sale of the digital asset XRP.

According to documents filed in court, the SEC is asking the court to impose a $876 million disgorgement penalty, $198 million in pre-judgment interest, and a massive civil penalty of $876 million. 

If the request were to be accepted, it would be one of the highest penalties ever requested by the SEC in a case related to cryptocurrencies.

The SEC motion highlights concerns about how easily actors, especially in the cryptocurrency space, can engage in activities similar to those attributed to Ripple Labs.

Stuart Alderoty, legal head of Ripple Labs, criticized the SEC’s move and stated that the company will strongly oppose the proposed fine. 

Alderoty has emphasized the broader implications of the SEC’s actions, suggesting that they could set a precedent with an impact on the entire cryptocurrency sector. 

Ripple Labs intends to present its response to the SEC motion in the coming weeks, with a deadline set for April 22, 2024.

Meanwhile, Ripple Labs CEO Brad Garlinghouse took to social media to express his discontent with the proposed SEC ruling. 

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Garlinghouse challenged the SEC’s request for a $2 billion fine, emphasizing that the case does not contain any allegations or evidence of fraud or negligence. He described the SEC’s position as unprecedented and promised to strongly contest it.

The story between Ripple and SEC

The legal battle between Ripple Labs and the SEC dates back to December 2020, when the SEC initially filed a lawsuit against the company and its executives. 

The SEC has alleged that Ripple Labs violated federal securities laws by selling XRP to institutional and retail customers. The legal action has resulted in significant consequences, including the delisting or suspension of XRP trading on various US exchanges.

During the legal proceedings, Ripple Labs has maintained its innocence, stating that the sale of XRP did not constitute a securities violation. 

Last year, a federal judge ruled that Ripple Labs violated securities laws in the direct sales of XRP to institutional investors, but not in sales to retail investors through exchanges. 

This ruling has brought some clarity, but has left significant issues unresolved, leading to an ongoing legal battle between the two parties.

The outcome of the legal battle will likely have far-reaching implications for the regulation of cryptocurrencies and digital assets in the United States. 

The pursuit of substantial sanctions by the SEC against Ripple Labs underscores its commitment to enforcing securities laws in the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape. 

However, the case also raises questions about the regulatory clarity surrounding digital assets and the need for a more nuanced approach to their oversight.

Meanwhile, stakeholders in the cryptocurrency sector will closely follow the developments of the Ripple-SEC case, as its resolution could shape the regulatory landscape for years to come. 

With both sides fighting for victory and tensions running high, the final ruling against Ripple Labs promises to be a turning point in the ongoing debate on the intersection between cryptocurrencies and securities regulation.


In conclusion, the SEC’s request for a $1.95 billion fine against Ripple Labs represents a crucial moment in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulation. 

This high-stakes legal battle not only highlights the challenges in applying traditional securities laws to digital assets, but also underscores the broader implications for the entire cryptocurrency industry. 

Ripple Labs’ vehement opposition to the proposed ruling, combined with CEO Brad Garlinghouse’s public reprimand of the SEC’s approach, sets the stage for a prolonged and controversial legal battle. 

As the case unfolds, stakeholders will closely observe how the courts address the complex issues related to securities violations in the context of cryptocurrency sales. 

Ultimately, the outcome of this historic case has the potential to shape the future regulatory framework governing digital assets in the United States, influencing market participants and regulators for years to come.